Wednesday, December 30, 2009

202 - American Rebel: The Life of Clint Eastwood; Marc Eliot

Clint Eastwood has long been a favorite actor of mine, so when I heard about the new biography, I was anxious to read more about this amazing man.  Boy did I learn a lot too! Despite the fact that Clint Eastwood was a womanizer, probably a lousy husband and a not very involved father, no one could say that the man did not have talent and that he worked hard to accomplish what he did in his 50 years on screen.  Probably one of the most iconic stars in Hollywood, he starred in westerns, thrillers, drama, romance and comedies. Some other interesting facts for me were:

  • He was married to just two women: Maggie Johnson (former swimsuit model) from 1953 - 1984) and his present wife Dina Ruiz (a former anchor woman and 35 years younger than him) from 1996 - present. 
  • He has (7) children from (5) different women: (2) from his first wife, (1) from his present wife, (2) from airline stewardess, Jacelyn Reeves, (2) with Frances Fisher, a British born American actress, and (1) by former exotic dancer Roxanne Tunis.
  • He also had a (14 year) relationship with Sondra Locke who starred in several movies with him.
  • Nominated for 5 Academy Awards and acted in more than 40 films.
Not wanting to give out too much information about Eastwood and his life, let me just say that, in my opinion,  if you are an Eastwood fan and want to find out more details about him and his acting career, this book might be a good biography to start with. My understanding is that Clint Eastwood was not interviewed for this book, so the information contained within came from multiple sources and interviews.  I cannot say whether the information is accurate or not since I knew very little about Eastwood prior to reading this book. I liked the book and would RECOMMEND it.


  1. I love some of his movies, but I don't know that I actually want to know too much about his real life.

  2. I think Eastwood is a great actor, but I don't know much about his personal life. It seems as though he is a pretty quiet individual. This book might make a good read for me so thanks for the great review and recommendation!

  3. This maybe a good one for my dh to read or my Dad. I loved his latest movie. Have a Happy and Safe New Years!

  4. I think some people you are better off not knowing too much about their personal lives and just appreciate their work. This sounds like one of them. But I do know his current wife was a co-host on Candid Camera. That is about the extent of my knowledge of Clint Eastwood trivia.

  5. I think I need to get this for my husband who has loved watching Eastwood since he was a kid.


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