Friday, December 4, 2009

188 - Fancy Nancy Splendiferous Christmas; Jane O'Connor

Fancy Nancy, what an adorable "fancy girl" she is, and wait until you read about her Christmas!  Presents with elegant wrapping paper, fancy cookies, and wait until you see the tree topper Nancy purchased with her own money.  But me things go awry, can Nancy still have a "splendiferous Christmas"?

MY THOUGHTS - This book is so very adorable. Targeted for the (4-8) age group, the book is beautifully illustrated by: Robin Preiss Glasser.  There are some great new words for the little readers as well:
  • aroma - nancy says: "a fancy word for smell"
  • heirlooms - nancy says: "fancy for thinks that are old and valuable".
  • delectable - nancy says: "fancy for yummy".
  • pleading - nancy says: "like begging only fancier"  AND........
  • splendiferous - nancy says " only one word describes how magnificent, joyous and sparkly Christmas morning is"
Truly a delightful holiday read for children (and adults too)!


  1. Sweet! I love the Fancy Nancy books, and I didn't realize there was a new one out :)

  2. These books are so cute. I got a couple for my great-niece last year for Christmas. I think she just might need this one!

  3. I'm always looking for cute books for my 3 younger niece and nephews..sounds too cute!!!

  4. Our granddaughter, age 6, absolutely LOVES Fancy Nancy. I just got this one for her. She also has a couple of the 1st grade readers, a sticker book, and the Posh Puppy itself! I already have the next one on order.

  5. I so wish my little boy wanted to read these books ... but he doesn't!

  6. My daughter loves Fancy Nancy. We own the doll but she is utterly freaked out by the doll. Here is a pic of her:

    I end up toting the doll around myself. We adore the books though.

  7. I love Fancy Nancy!

  8. This one sounds adorable! I am glad it is such a great read for kids and adults as well.

  9. I thought this book was really cute as well. I am taking my toddler (boy!) to a local Fancy Nancy holiday party at a local bookstore!

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