Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 Reading Challenges - Summary

I LOVE Reading Challenges;  I find them very motivating. These challenges help me to be more well rounded with my reading choices, but they sometimes cause me some self-imposed stress. since I like to finish what I start. So as December of 2009 approached, the for me mounted. Here are my final stats for my 2009 Challenges:

  • I signed up for (20) AND completed (17) or (85%)
Completed Challenges and # of Books Read
  1. 100+ Reading Challenge - Read 203 books
  2. 2009 Pub Challenge - Read 120 books published in 2009 (I was shocked by this stat).
  3. New Authors Challenge - Read books by 116 new to me authors (this was another huge surprise)
  4. Read Your Own Books - Read 115 of my own Books
  5. Support Your Local Library - Read 88 Library Books
  6. Audio Book Challenge - Listened to 46 audio books
  7. Clear Off Your Shelves - read 20 Books
  8. Spring Reading Thing - read 15 books
  9. Fall into Reading Challenge - read 15 books
  10. Winter Reading Challenge - read 13 books
  11. What an Animal Challenge - read 6 books
  12. Summer Vacation Reading Challenge - read 6 books
  13. Non-fiction 5 - read 5 books
  14. RIP IV - read 4 books
  15. Christmas Reading Challenge - Read 4 books
  16. In Their Shoes Challenge - read 4 books
  17. John Steinbeck Mini-Challenge - read 2 books
Challenges - NOT Completed - # books read

  1. Cozy Mystery Challenge - read 2/6
  2. A-Z Challenge - read 25/26 
  3. War Through the Generations WWII - 4/5
How did you do with your reading challenges for 2009? How many have you signed up for in 2010?


  1. Good job on your challenges! I have to do a wrap up post still on my 2009 challenges.

    I agree that challenges help me to be a more well rounded reader. I don't think I completed many of my challenges but there is always next year!

  2. Very impressive list!

    Happy New Year!

  3. Great job Diane! You were so close on the others too. Good luck on your 2010 challenges :)

  4. Wow, you did a fantastic job with challenges this year! I'm totally impressed.

  5. Well done on completing so many challenges and reading so many books.

  6. Completing 17 out of 20 challenges is awesome! You did a great job Diane!

  7. You did very well given how many challenges you completed, Diane. And it looks like you made good progress on the ones you didn't.

  8. I'm blown away that you got so much reading done. Great job on the challenges, too. Hope you have a wonderful New Year.

  9. congratulations--I give you an award for the most books read! Wow! Happy New Year.

  10. I like reading challenges too. They motivate me to read more books I maybe wouldn't have read otherwise. And 17 out of twenty is not bad at all. Great job!

    Happy New Year to you and your loved ones Diane!

  11. You have no idea how tickled I am that Saving CeeCee Honeycutt is on your list of top 10 favorites!

    Thank you, Diane. I hope you and yours have a healthy and joyous 2010!

  12. Your record is excellent! And your reviews go into depth. Great job, Diane!

    As for me, I only joined a handful of reading challenges this year.

    Happy New Year to you and your readers!

  13. Congratulations on your challenges, and for reading over 200 books.

    I did two in 2009 and completed both. I will do two in 2010, plus your's. It's the self-imposed stress that gets me—there's always those goal numbers rolling around in the back of my head.

  14. I am so excited because 2010 will be my first year of challenges. Am counting down!!! I signed up for 9, one of them hosted by you. An incentive to clean off my shelves, bookcases and everywhere else that I have them piled. Maybe I should make a resolution for the new year not to buy any more to replace the ones you helped me clean lol. A very Healthy and Happy New Year !!!

  15. Great job on all your challenges! Your stats are pretty impressive. Keep it up!! :)

  16. Wow! I am so impressed! This gives me hope for my first year of challenges!

  17. Wow...what an incredible reading year you had! I'm selective in my challenges because I like to keep my commitments and don't want the stress of them to take away from the enjoyment of reading.

    Have a great New Year!

  18. Diane Happy New Year to you! That is an amazing amount of books!!

  19. Nice end-of-the-year posts! I am new to blogging so didn't do any challenges this year. I have signed up for 13 (!) for 2010, but luckily I can overlap a lot of the books. Happy New Year!

  20. I now officially feel like slacker. Geez! It's a challenge just getting through my one TBR pile. Kudos!

    Happy New Year!

  21. Diane, you did great! Over 200 books read is fantastic. Your reviews are excellant and have added many books to my list.

    Happy New Year! May 2010 be full of joy and happiness.


  22. Hi, Diane! Happy New Year to you and your family! Congratulations on completing these challenges! I just enjoy reading about the books that you complete for them.

  23. Congratulations! You did an amazing job with your reading challenges.

    I hope 2010 is as good for you.

  24. Wow - that is awesome reading! Great job! You have inspired me to really get a move on the challenges for 2010!

    Happy New Year!

  25. You did an awesome job. I'm glad you participated in our WWII challenge, and 4 books is a big accomplishment for such a heavy topic. I hope you'll considering joining us in 2010 for Vietnam.

    Diary of an Eccentric

  26. Oh My are amazing!!! And so close on the A to Z ... what letter was your downfall? I'm betting it was X!!!!


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