Wednesday, December 30, 2009

203 - Frommer's Costa Rica 2010; Eliot Greenspan


We are considering a vacation to Costa Rica sometime in 2010. Since it would be our first trip to this country, I thought this travel guide might be a perfect way to learn more about the country and its culture, it's history, the beaches, hotels etc.

The book is divided into sections:

  • The Best of Costa Rica (beaches, hotels, ecolodges and wilderness resorts, B&Bs, best family resorts, places for adventure,nature, and more.
  • Costa Rica in Depth: The history of the country past and present, culture, architecture and eating and drinking
  • Trip Planning: when to go, calendar of events,getting there and around once you are there, wedding planning, health and safety accommodations , suggested itineraries etc.
  • Separate sections about San Jose, Guanacaste (The Gold Coast), Puntarenas and the Nicoya Peninsula, The Northern Zone: Mountain Lakes, Cloud Forest and a volcano.
  • Central Pacific Coast (Where the Mountain Meets the Sea, The Southern Zone The Caribbean Coast
  • Fast facts guide; Spanish terms and phrases and Costa Rican wildlife info.
Also included is a foldout map plus detailed maps throughout the book, hundreds of color photos, reviews of hotels and restaurants, shopping and nightlife, as well as trip planning ideas for once you are there. The only thing that I was a bit disappointed in was not the book itself, but that many of the featured hotels only had one or two star ratings, even most of the very expensive resort hotels were only 3 stars, so we really need to do a bit more research and talk with people who have traveled here before. RECOMMENDED


  1. Costa Rica is a wonderful place-great food, wonderful very diverse scenery, more kinds of birds than all of the USA-it is for the person who loves the beauty of nature -I have been there a number of times-I love hearing the howler monkeys-one time we even saw a Harpee Eagle flying just under the canopy of the trees-we saw beautifil macacs, wild monkeys, trapairs, crocodiles of course,

    and if you are a coffee lover it has the best coffee in the world-A great place to drink it is in the outdoor cafe at the Gran Hotel de Costa Rica-once the Grand Dame of hotels now over shadowed by the Marriots-I still recall drinking the coffee with the cool mountain breezes flowing over me

  2. Mel....This is such wonderful information. It is great to get feedback from someone who has been there and loved the place. Many thanks for the helpful comment!

  3. That would be awesome if you are able to go, Diane. I sure hope so! I like to pour over the tour books when traveling to an unknown destination too.

  4. everyone I know has LOVED Costa Rica...

    I see the photos of the trips; it looks spectacular.

  5. Oh I would love to go to Costa Rica. I've heard it so pretty. Unfortunately I have no hotel recommendations for you but have you checked out Lonely Planet? I love their travel books and they also have a great forum on their website where you can ask for recommendations.

  6. Iliana...thanks so much for the suggestion about Lonely Planet Books and their website.

  7. I just love lingering over travel books and anticipating my vacation! I've only heard wonderful things about Costa Rica also. I hope you have a fantastic time if you go!

  8. My sister and brother-in-law traveled to Costa Rica earlier this month. They had a wonderful trip, but also a few cautionary tales. I could send you her e-mail if you'd like...

  9. Joanne....I would love to hear the cautionary tales and details of their trip, as I am a bit of a nervous-Nelly traveler LOL


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