Wednesday, October 1, 2014

September in Review - Monthly Reading Highlights

September was a very good reading month for me having read (14) books (5) of which were audio

My favorite book was Sarah Water's new one The Paying Guests

  1.  Dear Daughter; Elizabeth Little - 4/5 (HC) (Sept)
  2. The Paying Guests; Sarah Waters - 5/5 (arc) (Sept) 
  3. Road Ends; Mary Lawson - 4.5/5 (arc) (Sept)
  4. Landline; Rainbow Rowell - 4/5 (audio) (Sept)
  5. The Wife, the Maid, and the Mistress; Ariele Lawhon - 4/5 (audio) Sept
  6. The Virtues of Oxygen; Susan Schoenberger - 4/5 (arc) Sept
  7. We Are Called To Rise; Laura McBride- 4.5/5 (arc) Sept
  8. The Way Inn; Will Wiles - 2.5/5 (arc) Sept
  9. One Kick; Chelsea Cain - 3/5 (audio) Sept
  10. The Removers: A Memoir; Andrew Meredith - 4/5 (library) Sept
  11. 2 a.m at the Cat's Pajamas; 4/5 (audio) Sept
  12. A Good Marriage; Stephen King - 4/5 (audio) Sept
  13. The Make-Ahead Cook; America's Test Kitchens - 5/5 (Sept) 
  14. And Then There Were None; Agatha Christie - 3.5/5 (pb) Sept 
Readers who like memoirs, especially one that is a bit different, I highly recommend The Removers, by Andrew Meredith.

 I completed my 4/4 books for the RIP IX Challenge but still plan to read a couple more books in that category during October.

October Reading Plans anyone?  I haven't given it much thought, but do want to read a few mysteries, a Christmas book, and another memoir.

Happy Reading


  1. We will be reading "Dear Daughter" for one of my bookclubs this month (October). I was glad that you gave it a high rating.

  2. I will put The Paying Guest on my list. I'm adding good lit fiction to mysteries in my reading these days.

  3. Great list! A couple of those I'd like to read!
    Happy October reading!

  4. Happy reading, Diane! Sept. was a very good reading month for you.

  5. wow, what a great month! here is mine:


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