Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sunday Salon - I LOVE Library Book Sales!!!!

Today was the annual Fall Festival in the next town over from ours. The highlight (at least for me) was the Friends of the Library Book Sale with some 20,000 items...yep ...20,000 items. Needless to say I was in my glory. Most books were 50 cents or $1.00, but some the newer fiction was $2.00 or $3.00, and then they also had special tables with antique/collector's books which were specially priced.

(New books-$31.00)! (4) Brand New, hand painted bowls from the Fall Festival (4 for $14.00--even prettier up close)!

There were so many people that I'm afraid I may have missed some good books...LOL So since it's only 5 miles away, I'm going back tomorrow, as everything will be half price and by 4PM they will be just about giving it away (just maybe I'll spend all day there--who knows)?? My husband wants to go as long as he get's home for football (you see his priorities and mine differ) so that probably will not work out for him tomorrow!

Here's what I got for $31.00.....most of them look unread:
  1. The Swallows of Kabul; Vasmina Khadra
  2. The Obituary Writer; Poerter Shreve
  3. Not the End of the World; Kate Atkinson
  4. Travels; Michael Crichton (non fiction)
  5. Trail of Crumbs; Kim Sunee (non fiction)
  6. Ireland; Frank Delaney
  7. The Last Report at the Miracles of Little No Horse; Louise Erdich
  8. Tales of Burning Love; Louise Erdich
  9. The Echo Maker; Richard Powers
  10. The Red Scarf; Kate Furnivall
  11. On Kingdom Mountain; Howard Frank Mosher
  12. The Light of Falling Stars; J. Robert Lennon
  13. Consumption; Kevin Patterson
  14. The Snow Falcon; Stuart Harrison
  15. The Air We Breathe; Andrea Barrett
  16. Losing You; Nicci French
  17. Street of a Thousand Blossoms; Gail Tsukyama
  18. Angels and Insects; A.S. Byatt
  19. Innocent Traitor; Alison Weir
  20. Codex; Lev Grossman
  21. Stones for Ibarra; Harriet Doerr
  22. Things Fall Apart; Achebe
  23. The Russian Concubine; Furnivall
  24. Disgrace; Coetzee
  25. Age of Iron; Coetzee
  26. All the Way Home; Ann Tatlock
  27. Ghost Writer; Gutteridge
  28. GarnetHill; Denise Mina
  29. Alias Grace; Margaret Atwood
  30. A Tale of Love and Darkness; Amos Oz
  31. The Savage Garden; Mark Mills
  32. Cloud Atlas; David Mitchell
  33. The Big Year; Obmascik (non fiction)
  34. The Eye Never Sleeps: Striking to the Heart of Zen; Merzel (non fiction)
  35. The Art of Just Sitting: Essential Writings on the Zen Practice of Shikantaza; Loori (non fic)

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  1. Wow, it looks like you got a great haul! I tend to frequent my local used bookstore, but I probably should consider attending some of the library book sales as well!

    I just finished reading Disgrace by Coetzee this past week (no review yet... I had to foist it on my husband so that we could talk about it... I have a lot of feelings!), and it is a wonderful but extremely challenging book (because of how brutal it is). I hope you enjoy it when you get to it (though I'm not sure it's the kind of book one enjoys... more like appreciates!).

  2. Is it o.k. to say that I am extremely JEALOUS of you right now???? I want to go to that sale...(sitting here feeling sorry for myself!!) I hope you come across some great things tomorrow too. And I love those plates!

  3. I love that your cat is guarding your new treasures for you. The books at our library book sale are a lot more expensive than that!

  4. I just hit a small, new to me library sale this morning. There was only a conference room full of books, but I got a huge bag full including a couple that I was doing the happy dance over. Almost all the hardcovers were $.50 and paperbacks $.25! I should be posting my list tomorrow.

  5. Great stack of books! I've read IRELAND and THE RED SCARF - liked them both. And I have THE RUSSIAN CONCUBINE here (I think - if not it's on my wish list. I know I have a Furnivall book here.).

  6. Amazing collection! Our library sale has plenty of romance novels and mysteries, but not a lot of good literary fiction. You are very lucky! And I love the bowls!!!

  7. That's a nice haul from the book sale! I loved the whole Yasmina Kahdra trilogy, so I'm looking forward to seeing what you think of The Swallows of Kabul.


  8. How fun! And look at all those books! I'm drooling over here in my tiny corner of the blogosphere. ;-)

    Enjoy your new books, Diane!

  9. Great haul! You've got your reading cut out for you!

  10. That's a lot of books! I loved Trail of Crumbs. ;)

  11. So jealous! I love library sales, too, and in particular this one massive sale my university library does in March. I just go crazy at that one.

  12. WoW! What a haul! I've read only three from your pile: Disgrace, Things Fall Apart, and Swallows of Kabul. All wonderful reads. You're in for a treat. There are a number from your photo that I'd love to get my hands onto as well.

    I'm actually going to a huge book sale next week (it's an annual event for a local symphony band) and am soo excited I've already made plans to have my friend sit for my kids! The past years I used to bring them and it always dampened my chances in grabbing and finding the best titles. Also, they would keep bugging me to go home already. So this time I'll be able to focus. Lol!

  13. That is one hell of a library sale. I am really envious of your new books. I would have never left the sale and just camped out.

  14. You did great at the sale! Those dishes are really cool looking. Happy reading. :-)

  15. Great haul!! I see you found a couple by Louise Erdrich. I recently discovered her short stories, and want to read her novels soon. The bowls are gorgeous, too. I love book sales!

  16. Oh my --- it looks like Christmas came about 3 months early! Great collection of books for an amazing price. You deserve the Bargain Shopper of the Week award :)

  17. That's quite a haul! Library sales definitely equal happiness. My favorite part is the last day when they charge by the bag-ful rather than per book.

  18. I think library booksales are my favorite time of the year. I find out about them via word of mouth, signs, and posters. I actually hit one up on Saturday, only they were selling paperbacks - everything was 50 cents. Harlequinns were going for 10 cents. I got some real treasures!!

    It looks like you got some amazing books, I'm jealous of Cloud Atlas OMG!! Oh, oh and Things Fall Apart. You lucky lady you. :-D

  19. Wow! Are they all ex-library with loads of stickers and stamps?

    Whenever I go to a library sale the books are always really well thumbed and covered in stamps/stickers. They also tend to be quite old, but you look as though you have lots of newer titles.

    I'm veru jealous!

  20. That is so cool! I love library book sales too, and can't wait until our library has theirs in two weeks. Now I just need to convince my husband that bookshelves are the ultimate in home decor. ;)

  21. I am so impressed. Our library hasn't had a sale like this for years. I haven't heard of most of these authors although I own "Ireland" (Haven't read it yet) and a different book by Louise Erdich. Happy reading.

  22. Wow, you did GREAT Diane!! Library books sales are the best, right?

  23. WOW - What a wonderful haul of books.
    Now you need to run away to an island and do nothing but read those treasure of books.

  24. Wowsers thats a very impressive pile of books. Isn't it intersting we have both been on book splurges and both come away with Khadra!

  25. Aren't book sales great? I'm off to one at the end of the month, I can't wait! Looks like you got some great stuff.

  26. No Jackie, none of these books are ex-library books. I'm a nut about new or like new. They did have ex-library books too, but 80% of what was there was donated by people from the community.

    I am going back in a little while as it should be what is left over sells for like $3.00 a bag. Even though it will be picked over, I have a feeling, I'll find enough I have not read to fill a bag...LOL

  27. Yummy! That's quite an impressive haul you have there. I see a few I have on my stacks, and I see quite a few I'd like to have on my stacks! I've never read Coetzee, and he's nominated for the Booker again, so I really need to get myself in order and try something of his. I feel so clueless!

    Enjoy your new finds!

  28. Library book sales are the best! Our county library has two sales a year and the one in Oct is incredible. Last year is the first time we went on 3.00 a bag day. There were still many bargains to be had. By the time we were through and counted up the books, it worked out to .25 per book. How can you go wrong? You can't. The best part of it is in our county anyway, all the money raised is put right back into the library system for new materials. Yep, you just can't go wrong. Happy reading, you sure got some good books.

  29. Wow you got alot of great things for the $$! I'm jealous!

  30. I gave you an award --

  31. I have read a couple of Denise Mina's book but not sounds like a winner.

  32. Wow! Great haul. I'll have to find out when my local library has their sale and hope like crazy that your jackpot is representative of what I'll find here. :-)

  33. Great haul. I love that expression on your kitty's face, too.

  34. Wow! You hit the jackpot. I love library sales and Library Sale Finder is a great tool isn't it?

    My library isn't having a sale any time soon - boohoo ;)

    Enjoy your books!

  35. This looks like it was an awesome sale! I have a few of the books you got, but others look completely new to me. Glad you were able to get such cool books, and happy reading!

  36. Looks like you found some great books! Wish I could have gone!

  37. Great haul!! I'm a sucker for library book sales, too. I got quite a few finds recently for as low as 10 cents!

  38. I love library book sales too! Sometimes, it's quite hard to keep me from going insane at these sales.

    You've managed to get a copy of Codex! You've also gotten Travels too. Those are two books I would have had my eyes on. You're outrageously lucky. =)

    I especially love the picture of your neat stacks of books. Have fun reading them. =)

  39. I've never really been to a library book sale. But it sounds like it would be heaven for me. I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for sales around my area. They sound like so much fun - you get a lot of great books at really great prices (what can be better?!). Looks like you significantly expanded your library. Happy reading!

  40. I love library sales too! You got some great ones and Trail of Crumbs looks really good!


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