Saturday, March 24, 2012

(2) Award Winning Books for Kids

 A BALL for DAISY; Chris Raschka 
  2012 Caldecott Award Winner - Schwartz and Wade 2011

A Ball for Daisy, tells the story of a little dog who loses his favorite toy -- a red ball, after a bigger dog destroys it.

The entire story is told without words, using vivid watercolor type illustrations in primary colors like: red, green, yellow, blue, and black on white background.  The illustrations do tell the whole story, by expressions of happiness or sadness as you turn each page.  I do think that very little children will need some coaching by adults to help them understand what is happening.

The story does have a happy ending. It's a cute book, but award winning quality, -- not so sure.

Ages 3+ - Rating - (4/5 stars)

Roaring Book Press - 2011
(Coretta Scott King Winner)

Underground is one family's story of their quest to seek a better life -- a life of "freedom".  The story paints a vivid picture, with very few words, about the fear and exhaustion the family faced as they tried to escape from slavery, as well as the kindness of some who helped them along the way.

This would be a great book to introduce young children to the subject of "slavery".  The illustrations are very dark in color, as the family begins their escape at night. As the family progresses along their journey toward freedom, the illustrations become brighter in color until the family and the reader can finally see the sun, lifting a baby in the process toward the sky in celebration.

Recommended for Pre-school - grade 3 -  (5/5 stars)


  1. I love Shane Evans. He does some striking work! There are more and more good children's books out now to introduce the topic of slavery and I'm so glad because it's one of those topics I - anyway - just don't know what to do with on my own!

  2. Jill, This book really is the perfect book to start a conversation and be and introduction to children at an early age. Great illustrations that show the darkness of life before and the possibilities of happiness afterward.

  3. Underground looks like a fantastic introduction to slavery. A Ball for Daisy looks cute.

  4. A Ball for Daist has a great cover and colors but it doesn't sound like the best story for young's sad and upsetting but at least it has a happy ending! It seems especially difficult for kids since there are no words. I'm not sure how good kids will be at interpreting the drawings Strange that it's an award-winner.

    Underground sounds very interesting and well done.

    I enjoyed this post, Diane, a very good idea. Are you beginning to collect children's books for the new baby that's on her way?!

  5. The Daisy book looks cute! The idea with going from darkness to light in the slavery book sounds very effective.

  6. I think these both sound wonderful!!! I must start collecting some of these books for the future!!

  7. I looked at A Ball for Daisy at B&N wanting to get Gage a book, but I didn't think it had enough substance. Was surprised it was an award winner even if the illustrations were fun.
    The second one doesn't have a substance problem so I'll have to look at that one next time.


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