Tuesday, March 13, 2012

(3) Cute Books for Kids - 2012

I've been wanting to read and review more new books for children this year, so I thought I'd share (3) short reviews of some new books I enjoyed.  Thanks to Knopf Young Readers and Edelweiss for allowing me to review these eBooks.


Jean Reagan, author and Lee Wildish, illustrator, have created a gem of a kids book that parents, grandparents and kids are sure to enjoy.

In How To Babysit a Grandpa, the reader will learn some essential tips for being a good "grandpa babysitter".  For example, how to play with a grandpa and things to do on a walk with a grandpa.  There is an adorable illustration with grandpa carrying a tiny kids umbrella over his head as they go for a walk.  In another scene, the child is applying sunscreen to grandpa's semi-bald head.  The child comforts grandpa, gives his favorite snacks, and even teaches him the importance of picking up toys and other messes before the parents return home so that they get to spend time together again in the future.

Kids and adults alike will enjoy this book. Terrific colorful illustrations as well.


There once was a small bunny who loved his "blue blanket". He did everything with this "blue blanket": it went on the swing with him, rode in his wagon, he painted with it at his side and even had it near him in the sandbox.  But a small bunny gets dirty and so does a "blue blanket", so when mom suggests washing the blanket, bunny doesn't like the idea. Mom said it would take (1) minute, but bunny watched and waited and it too (107) minutes to wash and dry. Bunny was not happy -- he missed his blanket. But soon......once his blanket was clean and dry, bunny found out that he could do all the same fun things as before with his "blue blanket" always at his side.
It's a cute story about blanket separation anxiety.  The illustrations were cute -- stick figure type drawings on white pages, with the "blue blanket" always visible. A fun read.


Authored by Lindsay Craig and Illustrated by Marc Brown, Dancing Feet is an adorable book for young children.

One page shows some "dancing feet", and the following page shows the animal or critter that the feet belong to along with a cute rhyming verse. (fun way to interact with young children and have them guess whose feet are shown).
There are: colorful ladybugs, ducks, caterpillars, lizards and even a big bear and elephant. The final page shows happy little "kids dancing feet" have fun with all of the critters.
The Illustrations are lovely. The vivid colors, fun drawings and rhymes are sure to please little ones everywhere.


  1. This weekend at the Tucson Book Festival I went to a couple of sessions with illustrators of children's books, explaining how they work. I was pretty surprised (but shouldn't have been I guess) to learn that a great deal of it is done by computer, even so-called "painting." One can select "paintbrushes" in Adobe Photoshop for example. They say it is way easier this way just to email pictures back and forth with editors. But some still do it the "old-fashioned" way so they can have the pictures or paintings to exhibit and sell.

    1. That is very cool info Jill. Surprising, but with all the advances in technology we really shouldn't be too surprised.

  2. They look adorable, especially How to Babysit a Grandpa!

  3. I love the sound of How to Babysit a Grandpa, and would love to get a look at that one. I am sure that it would be perfect for my niece, who is just turning 2, and watches her grandpa all the time! Very cool reviews today. I love the variety of books you featured!

  4. Claire loves music and dancing, so I'll be on the lookout for the Dancing Feet!

  5. Gage loves his Grandpa so I think the first one would be a big hit here!

  6. These all look adorable! I've always loved children books especially the illustrations. Now that I have grandchildren I'm reviewing more of them as well. Thanks for sharing!


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