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( 4 ) Great Books for Young Children in 2012

(4) more Book Reviews for Little Ones and Big Readers alike.
Hide and Seek; Il Sung Na
May 2012 - Knopf Young Readers

Hide and Seek, by Il Sung Na is cute book that will engage little ones in searching and counting ( from 1 - 10), as they turn the each page.

The story is a simple one, animals gather in a rainforest for a game of "Hide & Seek". The elephant must find a giraffe, hippo, tortoise, baboon, birds, a chameleon, and other forest friends -- the chameleon being the most elusive because of how well he blends.

The illustrations are colorful, the story simple, and the bold numbers on each page will engage little ones to count along as they turn each page.
 I Like Old Clothes; Mary Ann Hoberman
August - 2012 - Knopf Young Readers
"I Like Old Clothes", by Mary Ann Hoberman (Author), Patrice Barton (Illustrator), was one of the must beautifully illustrated young children's books that I've seen recently. The pages are just full of interesting, and colorful drawings. The colors, and images on each page are visually appealing.

The story has an unnamed little girl who LOVES old-clothes.  She likes clothes with a history. She likes imagining what the child was like who wore them before her and what her life was like.  She looks forward to passing the clothes along to another child when she outgrows them, so that she can imagine some more about who that new child is as well.

The store is told in rhyme, It's a great book EXCEPT for the fact that the print on each page is very very very tiny, which might make this a difficult story for older grandparents to read to little ones.  It would have been better all around, if the illustrations were a bit smaller and the print a bit larger, otherwise a lovely book.

 Falcon; Tim Jessell
March 2012 - Random House Young Readers
Authored and Illustrated by Jim Jessell, "Falcon", is the story of one boys imaginings of what his life would be like if he were a falcon.
  • Soaring through the sky
  • Flying high toward snow-capped mountains
  • Darting above the ocean while sea birds scattered
  • Perched on tall city buildings watching the activity below
  • Growing tired and finding shelter among the rocks
Each page features outstanding illustrations. Each page is more beautiful than the one before, making this a truly wonderful visual experience.

Knopf Young Readers 
 "Inch by Inch", authored and illustrated by  Leo Lionne (Caldecott Honor Book) is an awesome book with outstanding visual appeal. The drawings are just so lovely.

It's a creative story about a tiny inch worm who is happily going about and
 enjoying life among the robins, flamingos, parrots, hummingbirds etc., until one dray he is presented with a new challenge which he MUST find a creative solution for.  It's a memorable story with very few words which demonstrates creativeness and the power of transformation.

This was the first of four Caldecott Honor Books by Leo Lionni. Published in 1960 and virtually out of print in hardcover for decades, Knopf acquired the hardcover rights from the original publisher just in time to showcase Lionni’s 100th anniversary celebration in 2010 and the book’s 50th anniversary. The bold graphics and beautiful cutout paper collages of colorful birds, foliage, and the clever green inch worm are as fresh and appealing as ever, and should appeal to a whole new audience in this accessible board book format. READ IT! 

(eBook access was provided thanks to the publisher and Edelweiss.) Thank you.


  1. I Love Old Clothes sounds like a neat book. I know some kids think it's a drag getting the hand-me-down clothes, so it's fun that this book embraces the "old clothes are an adventure" angle.

    1. Exactly, it is a book which makes old clothes seem cool. a good message.

  2. Excellent point about needing to make print large enough for grandparents! You know, I wonder if that occurs to many writers/editors/publishers in this market!

    1. It should be a consideration. That is why I love to preview kids books from the library before purchasing as for me it's a factor.

  3. 'Hide and Seek' sounds great fun - will bear it in mind for my grandaughter (who is to arrive soon!). 'I Like Old Clothes' seems to me as if it will be one of those books that a child treasures - will make a note of that, too. I like the concept.

    If you ever would like to review 'Violet Jelly' - just let me know.

    1. We'll have to compare grand daughter notes as ours should arrive in about 7 weeks:)

  4. I do miss the days of reading these books with my little ones. I just bought a cute one called C.R. Mudgeon.

    1. I know what you mean. My daughter says she always will remember how when she was little and we went shopping, I always said NO to toys, but if they asked for a book, it was always a YES. LOL

  5. I love Leo Lionni's work and try to share it with students when I can. The other three I will add to my spring order. Thanks for highlighting these new choices.

  6. These sound like great prospective reads for your future grandbaby!

  7. I think the Falcon book looks amazing!! I miss picture books! Have fun sharing them with your little one!!!

  8. Great suggestions! My little one loves picture books, I bet he would really like Falcon. If you need a book for a slightly older child, check out The Obsidian Pebble by RA Jones, it's fun and a little spooky! Thanks again for the post.


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