Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunday Salon - 8-09-09 - 2010 Challenge Anyone?

Those unread books are looking so pathetic, that I am already thinking about making a real commitment in 2010 (as opposed to the fake commitment I made for 2009) to make a big dent, by reading all those wonderful, highly regarded, unread books on my shelves.

  • Do you ever look at all the unread books on your shelves, and regret having accepted so many review books?

I've been trying to read about 50% review books, each month these last few months, but my TBR stacks have not gone down, as I've acquired about as many new books as I've read pretty much. Plus, I can't resist getting the newest releases from the library......What to do, what to do?

" I am going to make 2010 the year that I read what I want, and review only what I want".
" I plan on selecting 50 titles from my current stacks that I've wanted to read the most".
" I'll be joining fewer challenges, or only those challenges where I will read from my own stacks"

How about a new challenge for 2010?

Books I MUST Read in 2010
Proposed rules--

  • pre-selected; no changes allowed; from your own shelves"?

  • It could be (25) OR 50 books as an individual goal.

  • Fiction, non fiction, but the books must come from your own collection, and be on your shelves prior to making your list for 1-1-2010.

Yes, I've said it here, but now to make it happen. I have never hosted a challenge, and don't know how to make those cool Challenge designs some of you come up with, but would this sound like a good challenge to begin 2010, and run through the year? Would anyone like to host this challenge. or Could someone tell me how to add text through a cool picture, and I'll host it?

Please share your thoughts.

Okay, I've vented, I feel better, it's time to "make the coffee". Have a great Sunday everyone.

P.S. ...That yellow hibiscus bloomed beautifully this past week, I had to take a picture. As soon as a bloom falls off, more pop out.


  1. You should just take the plunge and host the challenge yourself. It's a great motivator. I'm hosting my first challenge now and I'm very motivated to finish. I'd hate to fail my own challenge!

  2. Diane, that sounds like a great challenge. I won't be joining any for next year, though. I've tried it this year, and it's fun and all, but have been feeling a bit tied down because I usually read on a whim and while I would still love to make lists next year, I want them to be entirely flexible.

    About the review books, fortunately, I haven't received one that I didn't want to read. I've rejected more book review offers than accepted. Right now I only have two books for review on hand, another two on the way, which I don't have to read until the next month or so.

    I do hope you whittle your review books down so you can read your tbr already.

  3. I would love to join you on this one. I am so fed up of having so many books and not getting to read them. I get sidetracked by the library and by other people's books. I wouldn't be any good at organising it though as I haven't a clue what to do about running a challenge.

  4. Going to be busy beginning end of August so have not been accepting most book review offers. Whittling down my pile to concentrate on my other life!! Then I hope to read the books I've been learning about from bloggers, ones that I really want to read!

  5. I agree with Beth F you should take the plunge and host this challenge. I would take part if you did.

    This was my first year of blogging and I only took part in challenges that I knew I could handle such as 100+ Book Challenge, Buy a Book Read a Book (its slipped a little) and Beth F's challenge.

    I have to admit when I started blogging I accpeted to many books but in the past few months I am doing better only accpeting what I want to truly read.

    Now for book buying that is another story LOL

    I am beginning to feel overwhelmed and really have to get through those two sets of piles of books. So count me in for ths challenge if you do it.

  6. I love this challenge idea and I "might" join :) I need to see how I do with the 2009 challenges (which so far, is not too great).

    I agree with Beth F -- you should host this challenge yourself. Not only will you be motivated to "complete" your own challenge, but you will have several online friends to encourage you along the way.

  7. Sometimes I think I will never make a dent in my TBR pile--I bring in books faster than I can read them.

    I only accept review books I really want to read and most likely will have read regardless of how I got them--so as far as I'm concerned, my review books are ones I truly do want to read--as much so as any other book that lands in my TBR collection. Still, I do feel badly that some of the books that have been sitting on my shelves waiting there turn end up having to wait longer while I read only the new books that are coming in.

    I wish you luck with your challenge!

  8. I will be interested to see how this challenge idea works out.......

    Do you feel obligated to read the review books which you receive? I have only ever gotten a few review copies from authors or publishers and they hang over my head like a lead balloon! Most of the review copies which I am offered are not really great books, just more of the same mediocre writing that I am not interested in --- and I know they will be totally forgettable. . So I turn them down.

    And what if I do not like the ones I accept? Will I feel like I should say something favorable?

    So if you feel overwhelmed, could you just accept fewer review books? Are any/all of them books that you REALLY want to read?

    I have at least 300 (maybe more) unread books in my house. I cannot say they are all highly regarded, but I did buy them for SOME reason. Every September, prior to my library book sale, I weed out the ones that I will never read and donate them....usually about 50.

    I do not buy a lot of fiction, depending on the library for that. Like you, I cannot resist the new releases!

  9. I'll be making similar statements for next year. I'm going to try to avoid all formal challenges, read whatever I want, and try to clear some of my shelves.

    Good luck to us both!! :-)


  10. You must have been reading my mind yesterday when I was, once again, trying to organize my shelves.

    I would love to join you for this challenge. 50 of my TBR, 20 review books (which I can't make a list for since they seem to arrive sporatically, and maybe 20 just because I couldn't stop myself, books. I am going to definately have to purge my shelves and then make a definate list commitment. This will be the hardest part for me.

    Great idea for a challenge.

  11. This sounds like a great challenge. I'm currently only partaking in 3 and I'm finding it hard for me to even follow them. I have a number of review books stacking up and I'm trying hard to have them reviewed within the month. It's hard, but it's fun. =)

  12. Sounds like a great challenge! And yes, I have a zillion books in the TBR pile too! I get review books that I am obligated to read, which for the most part now are books I would have read regardless. (at first it was just a thrill to get a free book in the mail!!) But I still buy books (don't we all!) and I haven't even had time to go to my library!

    Challenges are good in that they motivate you! And that's what you need with a big TBR pile! A friend of mine saw a big stack of books next to my bed this past week and thought THAT was a lot! :D

    I'll keep my eye out for who ever decides to jump in and host this!

    Happy reading...

  13. I kinda did this for seven months this year. I didn't get all my books read and have a lot of unread nonfiction, but I've been in the mood for mostly fiction and did read what I owned during those months. Now I'm trying to be more careful with books I buy, but I still bought a dud the other day and brought it right to the library for the annual book sale. :<(

  14. That is the most common sense challenge I have seen! I don't do ARC reviews or any of that because I don't want to have someone else dictating my reading schedule or titles. I honestly don't know how all of you wonderful book bloggers keep up with it all. I have a hard enough time just finding the time to read 25-30 books a year. So when I do have time, they are always off of my personal to read shelf. Even though the Sox are slumping I still can't take my eyes away from the games - I should be reading instead!

  15. Funny you posted about this. This weekend I had a thought of reading only my purchased, unread books in September. But quickly wondered if could not check out any library books for a month (which is a big thing for me). Like you, I have way too many books that I've purchased and have yet to read. I do like your idea of a challenge, although I may have to change my list though (I work best not feeling locked into a list). Picking a number I could finish by the end of the year works though.

    I agree with everyone else. Try hosting it yourself. It's a great idea that you can bring to life. I will have to continue reading your blog to see what your final decision is. This will allow me some time to decide if I want to join you or not.

  16. Wonderful idea for a challenge. Even though I have drastically cut down the number of review books I accept and only accept the ones that are most tempting, they come in faster than I can keep up. Plus, I have bought more books this year than ever before. It's ridiculous and I am trying to put the skids on that little problem.

    You should definitely do it! The challenge, I mean.

  17. I was thinking about this the other day. I have some great unread books and really need to cut back my spending!

    I don't do so well with the pre-selected list challenges but I'm up for reading my own books in 2010 - no new purchases allowed plus books sent for review.

    I think you should host it, play around with the "rules" before making it official then go to the A Novel Challenge blog and announce it.

    Just make sure you rules are clear - I'm doing a Christmas in July to get people reading winter type books and one one the girls is just reading as many books as she can because my rules weren't clear to her.

    I'm always open for questions and I'm sure there are other around to help also!

    Will this be a 1-1 to 12-31 challenge?

  18. I think there is a good reason publishers send out review books...and they are rarely if ever books that are top notch. Same old, same old, and quickly forgotten.

  19. Hi Diane,
    I saw you asked Cindy about the text added to her Books Bought image - I had done that for her using an image editor. If you'd like, I can do the same for you, just email me and we can discuss.


  20. I have a red hibiscus, but I never get that many blooms on it.

    I tried to do something like that with the Read Your Own Books challenge this year. I picked 10 PBS books that have been on my shelves forever, and I've only read 1 of them...

  21. Good Luck! I've got some of my books off my TBR pile by doing challenges this year. Now I've switched to monthly personal goals.

    I agree with everyone else. You should try hosting then you may feel more obligated to read your stacks.

    That darn library I can never just walk out with one.


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