Sunday, October 25, 2009

24 Hour Read-a-Thon - Hour #16

(16)  hours into the Read-a-thon and ( I came back to 56 comments since my last post 3+ hours ago~~that so helps with my motivation; thank you, thank you, thank you. Here is what I've accomplished:

  • I've completed (5) books (little books): Gift from the Sea (138 pages) ; Zen and the Art of Happiness (142 pages); Runaway Mummy (30 pages) , Miss Smith and the Haunted Library (30 pages) , and Haunted Island: True Ghost Stories from Martha's Vineyard (141 pages).
  • Started and stopped: The Haunting of Hill House ( read 33 pages and decided to save it for when I get tired. Since it is scary, it should keep me up --Peter's suggestion--thanks Peter)
  • Listening to: Sworn to Silence; Castillio on my IPOD while I do a little cheer leading.
  • Had 2 cups of coffee and oatmeal, and 3 bottles of water, huge salad with cheese and croutons, apple and lemon yogurt, and yes, finally junk food (A Klondike Bar...yum).
  • Left the house for (90) minutes --hospital run as I mentioned earlier.
  • Spent (25) minutes heating chicken soup and eating it with hubby for lunch, and another (30) minutes fixing a quick dinner for us. 
  • Spent (150) minutes blogging and cheer leading since the read-a-thon started.
  • 522 pages read so far/5 books completed/ one audio book in progress, Sworn to Silence (very gory/graphic, but good), and I'm on (disc #5).
  • Participated in (2) mini challenges.
  • I feel a nap coming up, but I'll try a cup of tea to see if that helps
Keep up the good work everyone, and thanks for all the comments and support.


  1. Good for you and the junk food - you're making such an effort you deserve it! Keep up the fantastic work!

  2. I really need to be better about tracking all my progress... GOOD FOR YOU! It's probably a good thing I don't get paid to participate, huh? WOO HOO! Cheering you on!


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