Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday Salon

How was your week? Mine was pretty darn stressful...Just when we are coasting along nicely WHAM BAM!

Buddy came home on Thursday evening after 3 days and nights at the Vets.  All (3) nights he managed to get his cone collar off, and his cath. out (it was even stitched in place one time). The staff said, they've never had an animal do that more than once!!  I had to take him back in on Friday am, because he did not seem to be peeing much, but the she said he does appear to be on the mend.  Sent home with antibiotics, pain med, steroids and muscle relaxers (Pretty impossible to get all these meds down -- especially with Buddy, but I try, and Redi-Whip is my savior --open up the capsule and cover it in this; a tiny cheese ball seems to work too).  Our credit card was tapped to the tune of $1,184.00, but it was worth it.  He is getting used to the special foods too, and it's just good to have him home with us, and acting more and more like his old self.
Buddy has been an indoor only cat for a little over a year now, and that was tough on him at first, but he has adjusted; moving to a new place helped, When we moved, we decided we'd have indoor only cats, since some of our other pets mysteriously disappeared. We think coyotes were to blame.

Yesterday there was a Fall Festival in our town, and a book sale took was held there as well.  $5.00 for a cloth tote bag full of books, plus  (3) DVDS. These are the books that were for me, but I got about 10 more for other people.
  • In the Lake in the Woods; Tim O'Brien
  • The Tao of Beach Glass; McCabe
  • The Sea; Banville
  • Gift From the Sea; A. Morrow Lindberg (I had this book but I must have donated it--I recall loving it).
  • My Name is Red; Orhan Pamuk
And, here is what put a super-smile on my face yesterday.

A (2) month early birthday present from my sweet husband. He said, I can't be the "gadget girl" without a Kindle, and since the price recently dropped to $259.00 now seemed to be the's so exciting.  I'll never totally rely on this device (love to touch the actual books), but I am thrilled to be a part on the e-book gang.  I plan to download a few of the classics, and older books that I've wanted which are either free or very low priced.

Those of you who have a Kindle, when do you use it? Do you still read regular print books? How do you decide what goes on your Kindle?

Today's agenda:  Selecting my books for the 24 Hour Read-a-Thon,  play with my Kindle, finish a review book, and continue reading Cutting for Stone; Verghese (I'm about 3/4 of the way through).....Oh, and fix dinner at some point...LOL

Oh and one last question? Is is fall or Christmas? The cactus my neighbor tossed (2) months ago is in bloom :)

Have a great week everyone.


  1. I'm so glad to hear Buddy is doing better! I know what a struggle it is to try and medicate a cat, though! A couple of years ago we stopped letting ours out too, after some mysterious disappearances and accidents on the road :(

    And wow...what a fantastic present!

  2. morning. So glad to see Buddy back home and on the mend. I hate when animals are at the vet. Our cat was there over the weekend and they suggested he go back to the regular vet for another night - no way. I needed him home. He was fine and it had already been three nights.

    Fall or Christmas? Well, I needed sunscreen yesterday and the day before and I'm in the Northern Hemisphere. I don't know what's going on.

    Woo Hoo on the book sale!

    Congrats on your early B-day gift. I hope you love it more than I did. I don't know if I even finished a book, the page turning was too slow and gave me a headache. I do read ebooks. First on a palm now on an iTouch. Amazon has an app so I can read Kindle books on my iTouch!

    I had a lot of fun picking out books for the 24-hour challenge. I've got more than I'll need but I wanted a nice choice.

    Have a great day and a wonderful week!

  3. Did you take the cactus indoors? Sounds as if it needs a home :)

  4. I am glad that Buddy is on the mend! I am looking forward to hearing how you get on with the Kindle - I am wondering about whether I should get one.

  5. Congratulations on Buddy's homecoming! Your Fall Festival sounds like it was wonderful. I love fall anyway, and a bag full of books for $5 - what could be bad?!!!

  6. I just wrote a post about the values to be found for the Kindle this week!

    I do not use the Kindle all the time. I seem to use it to either download the classics - that I can now take with me anytime, anywhere for under two pounds! OR to download samples of books that I think I might enjoy reading.

    I plan to spend about half my read-a-thon time reading from my Kindle.

    Sure hope you enjoy yours!

  7. Glad to hear Buddy is improving. I know how difficult it is to give a cat pills!

    How did you manage to keep your cats indoors? Our cat has always been able to go in and out as she likes and I can't imagine how she would take to being kept indoors - but it must be safer.

  8. Great books! Another lethal combination - fall and book sales, yeesh.
    Glad your cat is recovering.
    I love my Christmas cactus. It always blooms ahead of time too!

  9. Glad that Buddy is doing well.

    I think I ought to find a husband who would gift me a Kindle Reader!


    Sunday Salon: Post Diwali

  10. Congratulations on getting a Kindle! I'm hoping (and not expecting) one for Christmas. I'd love to hear your thoughts after you've used it; I'm not quite ready to buy one for myself yet, but the price drop is fantastic!

  11. Oh, I am glad Buddy is home! Poor thing.

    I used to live in an area with coyotes and cats disappeared. My last cat was indoor only. But when I moved, I had to adopt her out. No pets allowed.

    Now they're allowing them! Grrr.

    Love your book collections and your Kindle. I, too, love feeling books in hand and seeing them on the shelves.

    But one of my novels is available on Kindle, too, so it would be cool to read it there.

    My Sunday Salon is here:

  12. Diane-sorry to hear this has been a rough week-but glad to hear Buddy is doing better. Earlier in the spring I lost my cat to a car accident-she is the one the is my photo-they are like children and anyone who has a heart feels for them. I had a meltdown yesterday on my walk just because it was they type of day she would be happy to be sitting outside and enjoying life. We have two munchkins now and fortunately they have no concept of what is really beyond the windows and doors.

    Lucky you-a Kindle-wow-I was at the pool yesterday talking to a woman about hers.

    Your books that you collected look awesome.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  13. How cool that you have a Kindle! Let us know how you find it. And I'm glad the kitty's feeling better!

  14. I'm so glad Buddy is feeling better!


  15. Its good that Buddy is on the mend. He looks like an adorable cat :-)

    Until a few weeks ago, Kindle was not available for readers in the Eurozone, but now made it available, and I am thinking about getting one. I would still have to buy it from, and that does make it a but tricky because of taxes and duties when it is being shipped to Denmark. However, it is actually NOW that I should get it, because the US-dollar is really low (sorry) and you just never know when it will be back up again :-)

    A great Sunday to you


  16. Glad for the good news about Buddy. And I love his name. What happened to all those old names? Rover, Spot, Buddy. Glad to see one is still around.

    Our cats are indoors for the same reason. When we moved from a busy town street to this country house 28 years ago, we thought oh, how wonderful for the kitties. Well, not so wonderful. Over the years, we lost four - we think two to coyotes and two to those uselessawfulwhyweretheyevermade fishers.

    What a nice, nice gift from your husband. So thoughtful and kind. Have fun with it. I'll be interested to read your progress - what you read there and what you still buy as a book. I admit I have a little anxiety that publishers may stop paper books, and that they will go the way of VCRs and cassettes.

    My 'Christmas' cacti are in bud, too. I think it may have to do with where they are - the light and the coolness.

    And for Book Dragon, I'm fascinated by why kindle didn't work but itouch does. What is the difference? My husband is having lots of fun with the latter.

  17. I'm so happy to hear Buddy is doing better. It is so stressful when they are sick. Buddy takes his medicine pretty good so I'm lucky that way.

    Wow on the present! I'm going to get a Sony Reader for Christmas. I've finally decided to take the plunge.

    Hope you have a great week and cuddles to Buddy.

  18. I'm so glad Buddy is doing better! It's always stressful going thru something serious with our babies! I'll remember the ready whip trick though! We use cream cheese for pills!

    On a happier note... Congrats on your Kindle! You will slowly begin to love it! I know I did. I still buy books, but love to use my Kindle too! And Amazon always has great freebies! When you get a second stop by my blog and check out my Kindle Korner post for some halloween themed freebies this month... my hubby won't buy paper anymore- he's that addicted to his Kindle... it's worse than a credit card though- all you have to do is press a few buttons and you've spent $10! What's the first book you bought?


  19. Thanks for sharing all of the pics...I'm so excited as I have a Christmas cactus myself that I inherited after my Grandma passed away. It blooms and just looks beautiful so it was nice to see pictures of yours. Enjoy your Kindle and I'll be looking forward to hearing about what books you plan on reading for the readathon :)

  20. I am so glad that Buddy is doing better. Diane! Those vet bills sure can make us cringe and then some, but seeing our beloved pets happy and healthy again makes it all worth it.

    Looks like you got some great books! I hope you enjoy them. :-)

    Congratulations on your early birthday gift! I've been eying the Sony Reader lately. It'll be awhile before I can get one (it's bad enough we're looking at new computers right now--something that's considered a necessity in my house).

    I hope you have a wonderful week, Diane!

  21. I've read that retailers are considering October through December to be one big, long holiday season. So I suppose it can be both fall and Christmas at the same time.

    I need to get my read-a-thon pile together too! It's going to be mostly short stories and essays. Louis Menand and Thomas Mann are definitely in.

    I'm sorry to hear about your missing pets. I'm inclined to blame coyotes too, but please don't think too poorly of them. They're really amazing, intelligent animals. This is my all-time favorite non-book blog.

  22. I'm jealous you got a Kindle! My birthday is November 1st and I've sent so many hints my husband's way, so I'm crossing my fingers.

    Glad Buddy is doing better. He is so beautiful, by the way.

    We have coyotes too. I got video of one that was just curled up asleep in the middle of our backyard until our dogs went chasing after him. Yikes.

    I have an appointment for a massage in 1/2 hour and didn't do my Sunday Salon. Massage...Sunday Salon? Hmm...

  23. Congrats on the new gadget! My boyfriend didn't even know that e-Readers existed until today.

  24. Glad to hear Buddy's doing so well. I certainly do still read paper books. The Kindle is great for traveling. You need to subscribe to this blog - Books on the Knob - sometimes great new books will be offered for free for a limited time.

  25. Aww, you are a good fur-baby mom! I'm glad that Buddy is doing better. He's such a handsome boy.

    I don't know if this will help, but whenever I've had to give my kitties meds, I crush up the pills and mash them into a bit of tuna.

  26. I'm so glad Buddy is home and doing better!

    The rest of the weekend sounds like it has been lovely what with a book sale and such an impressive early birthday present. :-)

  27. I am glad to read that your animal companion is recovering. They are angels aren't they?

    One of my favorite books is "A Gift From the Sea." I have given as a gift to so many people. And it always makes me think of Kate Chopin and her "Grand Isle."

  28. Sure hope Buddy continues to improve. The poor baby has been through a lot.
    I'm interested to know how you like the Kindle, since I've considered getting one.

  29. I hope things continue to improve with Buddy--poor little guy! Our cats have always been indoor and I don't know what they'd do if they ever got out (no claws...mean mommy Trish).

    Yay for the Kindle--you'll have to let us know how it goes for you. I still think I'm on the anti-reader side of the fence, but everyone else seems to love them!

    Have a great week, Diane.

  30. Glad to hear Buddy is doing better.

    Congrats on your early birthday present.

    I have a Kindle and I like it. I feel with the cover it feels a lot like a book and have been trying for all books that I am now buying - if it is available in the Kindle format.

    Also download the free classics.

    Will interested in your thoughts?

  31. Buddy is so lucky that he has great parents!! I'm glad that he seems to be getting better. Having worked for a vet in the past I know first hand how hard it is to give pills to cats!! Love your Kindle too..have fun with it!

  32. i'm very interested in what you think of "My Name Is Red". have you read any Pamuk before?

  33. Glad to hear Buddy is doing well!

    Enjoy your books!

  34. So glad to hear Buddy is doing better! And what a fabulous birthday gift! I'll be looking forward to hearing how you use it and how you like it.

    The Sea was one of my favorite books last year. I started it on audio (loved the reader's Irish accent) and then checked the book out of the library because there were many passages I wanted to go back and reread. I ended up both reading and listening - a unique experience.

  35. So much to say!!

    Glad Buddy is home!

    "Gift from the Sea" is one of my all-time favorite books and one I think every woman should own.

    And YAY -- welcome to the "Kindle Club." I got mine last February and I love it. I tend to get books that I don't want to wait for, don't want to pay full price for or can find really cheap or free (like Classics.) After I got my Kindle, I wrote a review about it and posted some of the links where you can download free books. Here is the link if you are interested:

    I love my Kindle and would read all books on it all the time but there are still a lot not available or that I can get via Paperback Swap for less. Have fun -- I know you'll love it!

  36. Ooh, glad Buddy is back home! I hope healing continues :)

    Congrats on your bag of books and early bday gift! I don't yet have an e-reader, but I think it's only a matter of time ... my husband uses his Kindle when traveling and thinks it's fabulous.

  37. I'm so glad to hear that Buddy's health is improving. :)

    Enjoy your birthday present!

  38. Enjoy your new Kindle! I got one in July and I'm in love with it :-).

  39. So glad to hear that Buddy is on the mend, and back home. I also think that your book sale sounds fantastic. I'd love it if they had one of those in my city. And a Kindle? Woohoo! I am so excited for you! I have been hinting about one as a Christmas gift this year. Hopefully my husband is listening! I hope you love using it, and that it gets a lot of use.

  40. My cat, Isaac, is on daily heart medications and has been for years. The way I get the meds into him...I buy Whiskas soft cat treats and sandwich one pill between two treats, then put it into his bowl. He loves them! LOL. If it gets to be 11 PM and I have not given him his meds, he gets really agitated and starts batting my arm with his paw.

  41. Glad to hear Buddy is doing better!

    I just got a reader too, but went with the Sony as it can be used with library books.


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