Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Waiting on Wednesday; Prima Donna; Megan Chance

Jill at Breaking the Spine hosts Waiting on Wednesday. Stop by and check out the great books your fellow readers can’t wait to get their hands on. What book are you waiting for?
TITLE: Prima Donna
Author: Megan Chance
Pub. Date: December 29, 2009

(From the author's website)
From the author of The Spiritualist comes another addictively readable historical novel with a twist of dark mystery.

In the glittering world of nineteenth century opera, Sabine Conrad is a beloved star feted by New York’s high society, showered with adulation from her audiences, and courted by wealthy patrons. Ensnared by a man who both loves and controls her, Sabine risks everything—including her lustrous career—to break free from her lover. But her plan backfires; by the end of the night, she is a criminal on the run from a grisly murder.

Changing her appearance and her name, she flees as far from society as she can, to the rough and gritty town of Seattle. There, hidden among the prostitutes, drunks, and miners, she must put aside the prima donna she once was and learn how to survive on her own.

Until her past returns to offer a terrifying proposition…

(I loved An Inconvenient Wife, Susannah Morrow, and The Spiritualist by this author. If you love historical novels, be sure to give this author a try).


  1. I do love reading history novels and this one sounds just perfect for me to read. I like the description and the book looks great. Thank you.

    Here's mine:

  2. This one sounds great. I'm always amazed at how many books and authors I'm unfamiliar with.

  3. This does sound intriguing! I'm not familiar with the author at all. I'll have to look up some of her other books.

  4. Hi Diane, thanks for commenting on my review of Open House. It's sooo true that we readers enjoy different books than others. I noticed in your profile of "favorite books" you listed The Help, Snowflower and the Secret Fan, Kite Runner, A Thousand Splendid Suns, and The Art of Racing in the Rain. I loved all those books as well. Lovely Bones I thought was just okay. I have the Story of Edgar Sawtelle and am leery of it based on mixed reviews from readers. Plus it's long! Do I dig in? I've wanted to read Cutting for Stone since it first came out.

    Love, love, love your blog and check it all the time :)

    Oh, and I hope Buddy is doing better. If it makes YOU feel better, I spent $2,000 on my 1-year-old Cockapoo who had eaten a quarter, a dime and 2 pennies, which necessitated surgery and a blood transfusion. Hmmm, the things we do for those we love, right? LOL

  5. sounds like a good one, I havent read this author before.

  6. This does sound like a good book! I am going to do some more research on this book, and maybe I will take a chance on one of her other books. Thanks!

  7. Dreamy cover! This sounds like one worth waiting for.

    My post is at:

  8. At least I have some time before I have to read this one! Maybe it will be my first book for 2010.

    In the meantime, I'm trying to whittle away at my TBR pile . . .

  9. I'm not waiting for any books--they are waiting for me! (Read me, read me, they whisper....)

  10. This looks good and what a great cover! I want to read more about this one!

  11. I haven't heard of this author before but this book really does sound good. Wonderful cover as well.

  12. Not only is the story line compelling but I am immediately drawn to the cover!! I'm such a sucker for great covers!!

  13. oooo - this does sound good. And the cover is luscious!


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