Saturday, October 3, 2009

Books to Read Before I Die Challenge - 2010

In 2010, I've decided I'm only going to read the books that I've really wanted to read for a quite a while. I no longer will not feel guilty, or pressured to read any book that I really have no interest in. I know this topic has surfaced before, but I thought what better way to start off  2010, than with a Challenge that encourages us to "Read the Best Books First".

Here are the guideline for the challenge:
  1. Between now and December 31, 2009, make a list of between 10 and 20 Books to Read Before You Die. (depending on interest, this may be an annual event challenge).
  2. The books on your list can come from your stacks or the library, and be in print or audio format.
  3. Overlaps with other challenges is fine with me.
  4. Once you've created your post with tentative titles, THEN sign up using Mr. Linky, by pasting the link to your post, along with your name/blog name. This is how you will be registered. Finalize your list by 12/31/09 (no changes to the list after 12/31/09).
  5.  NOTE: If you don't have a blog, you can still sign up and join in the fun.
  6. All bloggers who complete the challenge will be entered in giveaway to win an Amazon Gift Card.
  7.  Questions/comments, please feel free to comment or email me.

I hope you'll all join me in the challenge, and by doing so may we all find some superior, memorable reads along the way.

You can sign up anytime prior to January 1, 2010, once you've created your "tentative list". ( You can review my finalized list here).

REMEMBER: Your list MUST BE finalized prior to January 1, 2010 (no substitutions after that date).

Sign Up Here:


  1. After doing my book bucket list, I was hoping for a challenge like this:) I am off to write up a list based on the bucket one and will be back later to post. Thanks for hosting!

  2. I'll do it! It will be hard, but I'll do it! I'm going to construct my list with books that I know I'll love but are either too huge or too time-consuming to entice me to pick them up without some determination--which will be supplied by this challenge! I'll write up/post my list soon!

  3. Hi, Diane! I'm not really into challenges, but yours is indeed interesting. I think I'll join. I just have to make my list.

  4. I am doing this! I just need to create a list and make a post. I will be back for this! :)

  5. I'm going to have to give this one some serious thought! All of my other challenges will be done by January so a new challenge might be just the thing.

  6. Oh, you want a commitment? And no changes or substitutions? Both are had for me, but I'm in. My list may not be real high brow, but there are several books I have been meaning to get to. So, thanks for this! I will start thinking -- another hard thing for me :)

    What's the saying -- do one hard thing a day? :)

  7. This sounds like fun. I've been trying to read a lot of the books on my "must read" list anyway, so this would fit perfectly.

  8. Hi Diane, I'm not sure yet if I'd participate but I'll keep this in mind. :)

  9. Oh, you're tempting me ...just as I was going to swear off challenges! Will make up a list later this week.

  10. Diane, this is my kind of challenge! Apologies but I have actually linked to my bucket list that I created last week for the moment but will write up a clarifying post in the coming week.

    Recently I have been feeling burned-out with reading challenges; although I have been enjoying the books that I've been wanting to read, I have felt stifled by the lack of freedom of choice to read the books that I REALLY want to read before I die!

  11. Hey Diane! I LOVE this challenge!!!!! Just when I was feeling like I was doing more reading for obligation than actual ENJOYMENT your book challenge came along!!! Can't wait to follow along with everyone!


  12. I saw the thing about a blog, I really dont'have one since I am nealry blind and find it difficult to learn, so that means I can't do it?

  13. I think I can do this! I have a bunch of books that have been sitting there waiting for me to pick them. And I like the idea of getting my year off to a good start! I think I'll sign up. Just need to think about my list. Great idea.

  14. This sounds like a wonderful challenge! I will have to think long and hard about the books I really mean to read before signing up with a list. But great idea!

  15. Girlsgood....

    Sure you can still participate even if you do not have a blog. I'll make that clear by revising the post. Please join and have fun!

    Thanks to everyone who has commented and or, signed up :)

  16. Sounds like a great fun 2010 Challenge-I have maybe 3 ideas already in mind and will put my list and link up as soon as I think it through

  17. This will be perfect for me! Maybe now I can finally get to some of those books I really want to read, but have been sitting on my shelves forever.

    My post is up and I'll start working on my list soon!

  18. I am preparing my list and will be officially joining in soon...I want to get the right books in there!

    What a great challenge - the perfect, non pressurised way to make sure you get around to those must reads.

  19. I will do it, but I will post my list at a later date.

  20. Oh this is something I should do. Prioritize my readings. But I'll have to be really really sure about my list first. 2008 is nearly over and I still haven't finished any of the challenges I've joined, some I don't think I can finish at all :(

    Now I have to think about what those 10 REALLY REALLY GOOD BOOKS that should be on my list :)

  21. I hope this helps me to read more of the books that I already own. I picked 20 books that I already have.

  22. Thanks for this challenge. I'm looking forward to rereading books I love and haven't read in a while.

  23. Great Challenge just posted my list

  24. Hey I participated in your competition and this is my first time :)Mostly to reduce my TBR pile..

  25. Hi Diane

    My list is here:

  26. Hey um.. do we have to choose 10 or 20 books or can we choose somewhere in between too like 15 or smth..?
    And also we post updates about how much we've read throughout the year, right?

    I am pre new so no experience.. thankss in advance.. :)

  27. can choose a minimum of 10 books and a maximum of 20 books for this challenge. So you could pick: 10, 11, 12,13, 14, 15,16,17,18,19 or 20

    I think I will end up picking 15 myself. Hope that helps.

  28. Hey, I like this idea!
    I'm going to write my list! ;)

  29. Anni...the more the merrier. Please join in the fun.

  30. Hey Diane & all ~~

    This sounds like fun. Give me a few to post my list on my blog.

    Thanks so much for hosting.

    Jan (in Edmonds)

  31. Hi, I am looking forward to this challenge and I am having a lot of fun contemplating my list! Thanks and I will officially join soon.

  32. I justed completedmy first post for this great challenge-on "The Sailor Who Fell From Grace with the Sea" by Yukio Mishima-it was really thought provoking book for me-19 to go!

  33. Great idea! I have two other book challenges so might take this one up when I've finished with the others. How long does this one run?

  34. Okay, I'm kind of stupid. I went to sign up for your challenge (which sounds awesome, by the way) and instead of putting the link to MY post in the misterlinky, I somehow put the link to YOUR post. I'm not sure how to fix it, so if you want to just delete my sign up (Veronica at The First Draft) I'll come back and sign up again for real later. Sorry!! :)

  35. Just kidding about coming back later and signing up again. I apparently already did, but to the correct post now. So...I'm kind of signed up twice. But at least I managed to do it right one of those times. :)

  36. Thank you Dianne for a wonderful reading challenge idea and for hosting. I was hoping for something like this to take a chunk out of my TBR list and to really read books that I have but have not yet read. I'll be working on my list ASAP and post it here as soon as possible.

    Thank you!

  37. Hi Diane,
    I am going to join in on this challenge. Maybe I'll finally get the books I want to read done. Thanks for hosting this challenge. Have a great day!

    Just Books

  38. I just signed up for the challenge. :)

  39. This will be a challenge for me. I procrastinate...that book will be there tomorrow. LOL! I'm brave, and I will succeed!

  40. Hi, I would love to join the challenge. I have so many books that I have wanted to read. Maybe this will give me the boost I need! I'll post my list soon. I don't have a blog though.


  41. I am very excited about thie challenge! I will be posting my list of books soon!

  42. Great idea for a challenge. I already got started on this one. I heard about it from Jess the Book Hoarder a few days ago on her blog.

  43. I'm in! Just posted my list. Thanks for hosting!

  44. Hi!

    I'm already doing an ongoing challenge for 1001 books to read before I die book, on my blog - so if it's all right with you I've signed up, because I intend to read (and review) as many of them as possible.

    This will get me moving! LOL

    Check here for the WHOLE list! :))

    Think what I'll do is add a note to those I am going to read for this challenge. They are more likely going to have to be the ones I own already.



  45. I've got my list up and will do my level best. Thanks for the challenge!

  46. Since I want to read every book inthe world before I die, this is easy. The hard part is makign a list. I realy have no inerst in reading moldly old calssics either. Let's see who has the most low brow list.

  47. Oops!I linked to the wrong post. That's what I get for working on too many challenges at once.

  48. I just joined and put in my link. Thanks for the awesome Challenge!

  49. Hello everyone, I just joined and added my link.
    This should be a pretty fun challenge!

  50. I just wanted to THANK EVERYONE who has joined this challenge. Remember: You MUST finalize your reading list for this challenge by 2010. Have fun and read some great books in 2010.

  51. Okay, okay ... I'm in. Whew! Last the best of all the game.

  52. Yeah Kim. Hope you read lots of great books in the process.

  53. I'm sliding in here at the last minute! This challenge is going to be great. Thanks for hosting it. It's going to encourage me to read some books I've always meant to get to.

    Happy New Year, and Happy Reading!

  54. Too late to sign up for this one. Fortunately. Nevertheless, I'm going to do my own version of it. A kinder, gentler version. I will make my own Read Before I Die, but I will modify it as I go. I do not want to force myself to read a book I am hating.

    Here's my tentative list:
    The Chocolate War
    The Gift of Asher Lev
    The Moviegoer
    The Crying of Lot 49
    Gone With the Wind
    On to Oregon
    Carol Shields' Collected Stories
    The BFG
    The Master of Go

    All are also in my TBR.

  55. can still sign up. it is fine with me.

  56. Here is what I am planning to read:

    Grafton, Sue U is for Undertow
    Garwood, Julie Sizzle
    Krentz, Jayne Fired Up
    Woods, Stuart Kisser
    Patterson, James Worse Case
    Pattrson, James 9th Judgement
    Patterson James Private
    Henry, Sue Degrees of Separation
    Patterson, JamesDon't Blink
    Patterson, James The Postcard Killers
    Woods, Stuart Lucid INtervils
    Charney, Noah The Book Thief
    Olson, Karen E. The Missing INk
    Yerby, Frank Devilseed
    Holland, Cedelia The Angel and the Sword
    Howard, Linda Cover of Night
    Albom, Mitch have a little faith
    Clark Mary Jane Lights Out Tonight
    Pears, Iain The Immaculate Deception
    Collins, David R. To the Point
    Green, Jane Swappng Lives
    Sparks, Nicholas The Choice
    Adler, Elizabeth The House in Amalfi
    Montgomery, L M Christmas with Anne1995
    Brennan, Allison Cutting Edge 2009
    Furbee, Mary Rodd Outrageous Woman of the Civel War
    Patterson, James Worst Case

  57. Two down 8 to go :) Queen Bee

  58. Are there any exceptions to changing the list? I listed The Bell by Iris Murdoch and discovered that it's no longer available on audio. And I don't really want to "read" it. Can I substitute? Please advise, Diane. Thanks.

  59. Here is what I read from mylist, dont'have a blog

    1. Grafton, Sue U is for Undertow
    2. Charney, Noah The Art Thief
    3. Pears, Iain The Immaculate Deception
    4. Garwood, Julie Sizzle
    5. Krentz, Jayne Fired Up
    6. Clark Mary Jane Lights Out Tonight
    7. Collins, David R. To the Point
    8. Green, Jane Swappng Lives
    9. Howard, Linda Cover of Night
    10. Olson, Karen E. The Missing INk
    11. Patterson, James Witch and Wizard
    12. Holland, Cedelia The Angel and the Sword
    13. Yerby, Frank Devilseed
    14. Woods, Stuart Kisser
    15. Proulx, Annie Acordian Crimes
    16. Patterson, James Worse Case
    17. Henry, Sue Degrees of Separation
    18. Furbee, Mary Rodd Outrageous Woman of the Civel War
    19. White, E. B. Stuart White
    20. Smith, Houston Buddhism
    21. VanGleson, Judith Land of Burnign Heat
    22. Doetsch, Richard 13th Hour
    23. White, E. B. The Trumpter Swan
    24. Montgomery, L M Christmas with Anne
    25. Brennan, Allison Cutting Edge
    26. Krakauer, Jon Into thin Air
    27. Kehret, Peg Small Steps
    28. Xinran Sky burial
    29. Woods, Stuart Lucid INtervils
    30. Pattrson, James 9th Judgement
    31. Hart, John King of Lies
    32. Kernan, Piper Orange is the New Black
    33. Patterson, James The Postcard Killers
    34. Patterson James Private

  60. I finished this challenge and read 10 books. See my blog for reviews. Thanks so much for hosting.

    Jan (in Edmonds)


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