Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Europa Challenge

Progress to Date
  1. A Kind of Intimacy; Jenn Ashworth - 5/5
  2. The Lost Daughter; Elena Ferrante - 4.5/5 
  3. The Days of Abandonment; Eleana Ferrante -4.5/5 
  4. Troubling Love; Elena Ferrante - 4.5/5 
  5. Treasure Island!!! Sara Levine - 3.5/5
I wasn't planning on joining any new challenges for the remainder of the year, but when I read about the Europa Challenge, Europa Editions, being one of my favorite Imprints (now with 100 titles), I just couldn't resist.  The quality and design of these books is just fabulous, and since I own several, and acquired (3) new ones last week, when we took a trip to Brattleboro, Vermont, I felt I was meant to join this challenge.

I hope to read (4) books by the end of 2011 - Europa Ami Level, but hope to keep this as a Perpetual Challenge with hopes of someday reading ALL the books in this collection. My (4) tentative selections are:
Here are some of the details about this challenge in case you are interested.

Announcing the 2011 Europa Editions Challenge!

The challenge runs from July 1 until December 31, 2011.

There are several levels of participation:
Europa Ami (friend in French): Read 4 Europa titles by the end of 2011;
Europa Haver (friend in Hebrew): Read 7 books by the end of 2011 (one per month);
Europa Amante (lover in Italian): Read 14 books by the end of 2011 (2 per month). 

At any level, you can qualify as
  • A Connoisseur, by accepting the Perpetual Challenge;
  • An Expatriate, by choosing books from a single country or original language;
  • A Passport Holder, by choosing books from different countries or original languages.
We have two speciality challenges:
Love Challenge 
Sélim Nassib, I Loved You for Your Voice
Edna Mazya, Love Burns
Elena Ferrante, Troubling Love
Massimo Carlotto, Bandit Love

Creature Challenge
 Benjamin Tammuz, Minotaur
Alicia Giménez-Bartlett, Dog DayWolf Erlbruch, The Miracle of the Bears
Edwin M. Yoder Jr., Lions at Lamb House.
Roma Tearne, Mosquito
Muriel Barbery, The Elegance of the Hedgehog

You can do the speciality challenges towards any of the Ami/Haver/Amante levels.
  • We encourage you to cross-post your reviews and posts to your own blog and link back to this blog. 
  • To participate, you must be a contributor to The Europa Challenge blog. To become a contributor, please email the moderator (an email address is required, so comments to this post won't work).  Note:  you can also be a contributor to The Europa Challenge blog without doing a challenge.
  • You can overlap your selections with other challenges as long as the books are published by Europa Editions.
  • Post to The Europa Challenge blog listing your books and your anticipated level of participation.
  • Post your book list whenever you want, and change your reading list at any time.
  • Read, review, and post your reviews on The Europa Challenge blog.  See the Participant Guidelines for more information.
  • Enjoy these great books!


  1. Good luck with the challenge, Diane!

  2. can I give you a tip? If you like mysteries Åsa Larsson from Sweden is a great Author! And her books are translated to English, at least a few of them. I love sun storm. That on is really good. but it is not a new book.

  3. I didn't really know about Europa Editions, so I'm glad you posted this. Thanks!

  4. I have never done a challenge and just reading the rules makes my head spin. :). However, the books you have chosen look interesting. I can't wait to see your reviews.

  5. I don't recognize most of the books on your list, so I'm looking forward to reading your reviews!

  6. Diane, I'm so glad you're joining! I loved Hygiene and Heliopolis and hope to get to the others, too. THe Connell is on my list for this year :-)

  7. I love Europa's books. I wish I had the time to join the challenge.

  8. I really want to read Hygiene and the Assassin after reading a very glowing review of it over on Marie's site, so I will be anxious to see what you thought of it. If I was any good at completing challenges, I would probably join this one, as the books Europa offers are amazing. Good luck!

  9. I love Europa too! I have The Art of Losing, along with some other Europas, so I may need to join in.

  10. This sounds interesting to me. Can't wait for your thoughts on these titles as I'm new to this Imprint.


  11. Good luck with this challenge, Diane!

  12. Diane, Michael from Europa here. Those are three great books you've chosen for the Europa challenge. I look forward to reading what you think. best, Michael

  13. diane, michael from Europa here. Those are great titles you've chosen for the Europa challenge. I look forward to reading what you think of them. all best, michael

  14. Good luck with this challenge! I agree - their books are beautiful so I am really looking forward to your reviews from this imprint.

  15. I LOVE Europe Editions! What a cool idea! I can't join now but hopfully they do this again. I can't wait for your reviews. So far my favorite Europa is Margherita Dolce Vita (my review ).


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