Sunday, July 31, 2011

July Reading Summary

Another month bites the dust and can you believe summer is more than half over?  I had a much better reading month in July that I had in May or June, and I LOVED most of what I read as well. I read (13) books and reviewed (11) so far. 
  1. Break the Skin; Lee Martin - 4/5 (review) 
  2. The Game of Secrets; Dawn Tripp - 5/5
  3. The Kitchen Daughter; Jael McHenry - 4.5/5 
  4. A Kind of Intimacy; Jenn Ashworth - 5/5 
  5. The American Heiress; Daisy Goodwin - 3.5/5 (audio) 
  6. Sister; Rosamund Lipton - 4.5/5 (review) 
  7. Book of Lies; Mary Horlock - 3.5/5 (eBook) 
  8. State of Wonder; Ann Patchett - 4.5/5 (review book)
  9. Bossypants; Tina Fey (audio/library) 4/5
  10. Dreams of Joy; Lisa See - (audio and arc) - 4.5/5
  11. The Curse of the Holy Pail; Sue Ann Jaffarian - 5/5 (eBook)
  • Mice; Gordon Reece (write Review)
  • Favorite  Fiction Book - A Kind of Intimacy; Jenn Ashworth - 5/5 
  • Favorite  Childrens Book - n/a
  • Favorite Audio Book - Dreams of Joy; Lisa See (4.5/5) 
  • New authors -   8/11- YTD - 51/75
  • Review Books - 7/11 -YTD - 33/75
  • 5 star books - 3/11 -   YTD - 20/75
  • 4 star books - 6/11-    YTD - 45/75
  • 3 star books - 2/11 -   YTD - 7/75
  • 2 star books - 0/11-    YTD - 2/75
~~~~~ Challenge Progress ~~~~~
  • 100+ Reading Challenge - 75/100
  • Reading From My Shelves Project - 36/50
  • Audio Book Challenge - 20/20 - COMPLETED
  • eBook Challenge - 7/20
  • Europa Challenge - 1/4
August Reading Plans
  • Maine; C Sullivan
  • Europa Challenge Books
  • Alice Bliss; Laura Harrington
  • Frenchman's Creek; D. Du Maurier
  • Save Me; Scottoline (audio - finish) 
How was your month for books?


  1. Did the Lisa See audio have a good narrator? i want to read this author but have not had time yet.... audio may be the way to go.

  2. You had a nice reading month. I have some of those in my TBR pile but I am excited that you have Frenchman's Creek coming up. I have yet to read Du Maurier but I know I need to start!

  3. Well done on eleven books! I must work out how many I have read.

  4. Very nice reading for July. I've read only one from your list "A Kind of Intimacy" found it quirky but nice.

  5. WOW! I hope you have a similar month up ahead :)

  6. You did have a great July. My TBR list grew out of your reviewss!

  7. I really want to read (listen to?) Bossy Pants. Have a great week

  8. You had a great month! You read almost double the amount of books I did. I hope to read Maine soon too.

  9. Wow, 13 books in one month! That's a lot! I am dying to read Ann Patchett's latest, and I have another Lisa See book sitting on my shelf. Too many good books, too little time!

    Hope you have just as good an August!


  10. 13 books - that's awesome! I only did nine in July and I was pleased. You got me beat. :)

  11. Great month! Way to go! I finally got State of Wonder from the library yesterday. Can't wait to get started after reading your review.

  12. I can see you also had a great July month. I read 10, and we have State of Wonder in common. I read the Murakami one years ago, I love Murakami! Here is my wrap-up:
    Emma @ Words And Peace

  13. I'm looking at all those ratings and going wow! You sure had an amazing month! It's wonderful when you get to read a lot in a month and also end up loving most!


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