Thursday, July 23, 2009

112 - BoneMan's Daughters; Ted Dekker

BoneMan's Daughters, is my second Ted Dekker book. The first one was Kiss, which I read earlier in the year and enjoyed. This review is based on the audio book version.

Ryan Evans was a Navy Intelligence Officer stationed in Iraq. While he was there, he was captured and held prisoner. He was forced to watch torture methods used to kill children which involved a long painful death by breaking their bones.

When Ryan is released and returns home, his home life as he knew it -- is no more. His wife wants a divorce, and his beautiful young daughter Bethany, is distant and angry towards him.

Before long, Bethany goes missing, and all clues point to a serial killer called: BoneMan. Boneman's victims are young girls, who he is trying to make into a "perfect daughter". When they disappoint him, the torture begins. Coincidentally, BoneMan uses the same torture methods on his victims that Ryan was taught while he was held prisoner. BoneMan breaks the bones but not the skin of his victims. Ryan soon becomes a suspect, while he is trying desperately to find his missing daughter.

The story was very good, perhaps a bit too slow at the beginning. It was peppered with biblical references, but I did not find it preachy in any way. It was not overly graphic, but it was very suspenseful. With central themes being the emotional pain of abandonment and rejection.


RATING - 4/5; Completed - 7/22/09; Library Audio Book


  1. I read the book and have the audio as well. I've been listening to it on and off and it's good. I'd love to read Kiss though. I haven't yet and heard it's really good.

  2. I have only read one of his books, Adam, but I have to check out some of the others...

  3. I haven't read to listened to any of Dekker's books. Maybe I'll give him a try.

  4. I haven't read Kiss yet, but I've read quite a bit of his stuff. Even though I don't like scifi, I somehow got into his Circle Trilogy; Red, Black, and White. Which I can only describe as freaky deaky Christian's that for a genre bender!

    I like Dekker, he pretty much always entertains!

  5. I haven't read any Dekker. I am not sure if I would enjoy them. I find it difficult to read books when children go missing.

  6. Thanks for the review -- I have a copy of this in my TBR pile -- just haven't gotten around to reading it.


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