Thursday, July 2, 2009

98 - The Bride's Farewell; Meg Rosoff

In The Bride's Farewell, by Meg Rosoff we meet Pell Ridley. Pell is one of nine children who decides to run away on the morning of her wedding rather than go through with her marriage to a local blacksmith. Pell takes her horse Jack, her youngest brother Bean, who is mute, and some money that was saved for the wedding and, takes off for the horse fair hoping to make it on her own.

Pell is strong , smart and independent, and she seems to know what she she wants in life. She witnessed her mother's marriage to an alcoholic husband, and the difficult life she had trying to raise so many children. Pell knew for herself she wanted more out of life. (I really liked this about Pell considering this story took place in the mid 1800's in rural England).

I thought the cover of this book was gorgeous. The character of Pell was well developed, the historical detail was good, but as for the rest of the story and characters -- something seemed missing to me. Even though this was a relatively short book, it was a somewhat unsatisfying read for me -- just so so. However, if you enjoy historical novels, horses, and/or a story with a bit of romance in it, then don't go by me, this book may be just the book for you. This book will be published on August 6, 2009.

RATING - 3.5/5 - COMPLETED - 7/1/2009
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  1. Sorry you weren't totally crazy about this one. Lately I have had the same thing happen with several books, they have some good elements, but overall they seem to be just ho-hum. I hope your next read is better!

  2. I like the strong points that you wrote about in this book and even though it left you feeling so-so, you're right, someone else may enjoy it. I'd pick it up just on that cover alone!! LOL!! Great and honest review on this one...Thanks!

  3. I always a appreciate a balanced and honest review. Thanks.

  4. I had no idea she had written a new book! Mm, I was excited, and now I can't decide how to feel.

  5. Gorgeous cover! Thanks for letting us know this was just okay - now I can bump it to my library list, instead of my purchase list. =)


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