Thursday, July 30, 2009

117 - Dry Ice; Stephen White

Alan Gregory is a Colorado Psychologist with something to hide. In Dry Ice, it is not long before his past and the secrets he has been hiding gegin to surface. When one of Alan's former patients escapes from The Colorado State Mental Hospital things heat up for Alan Gregory.

At the same time, Alan's wife Lauren is a Boulder, Colorado prosecutor assigned to a high profile and sensitive grand jury investigation, where the key witness has vanished. When Alan finds the woman's Coach handbag in his yard, he becomes a suspect. All the while his wife has secrets of her own, and she is battling MS and drugs to help her cope with the pain.

This story started out a bit slow at first, but had enough twists and turns to keep my interest. The reader for the audio book, Dick Hill , was great in my opinion, and I would definitely like to listen to more audio books like this one again. A good psychological thriller where everyone seems to have something to hide.

RATING - 4/5; Completed - 7/30/09; Library


  1. I've discovered that the reader of an audio book can make or break it. Great review.

  2. I don't do well with psycho thrillers....but terrific review.

  3. I haven't had much luck with audio books but I trust you so I might give this one a shot sometime!! Sounds like a great read either way.

  4. There's a new Alan Gregory coming out in a short while..I like this series!

  5. I love this series, probably in part becuase it's set very close to where I grew up. I love seeing places I know in books. I think this is the next one I need to read in this series...

  6. I don't really read many thrillers, so I am not sure if I would go out and read this one, but I really liked your review.


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