Monday, October 26, 2009

166 - Haunted Island: True Ghost Stories from Martha's Vineyard; Holly Nadler

I've owned this book for quite a while, but I'm not a big fan of short stories so it has sat on my shelf for a while. The book features true, short, ghost stories which take place on Martha's Vineyard.  The author, Holly Nadler, known as the ghost lady of Martha's Vineyard, has won attention for her collections of ghostly accounts on the island. The island that is home to many of the the rich and famous.

Probably the story I liked best featured The Secret Staircase. Mysterious Room #8 at a haunted inn was only accessible by a cramped hidden staircase. Strange events have been reported and recorded, including the disappearance of one guest.  The Cat at the Funeral was another one that held my interest, as well as one where a spirit was reported to have prayed in French. This collection of true ghost stories might be better enjoyed by fans of YA books.


  1. I would probably enjoy it. I just love a good ghost story.

  2. Oh my...this cover reminds me of Agatha Christie's And Then There is None. Just because of this I have to go get a copy for myself. :)

  3. True ghost stories are great if the author can write. The few I've read were not that wonderful.

  4. I'm not a huge fan of short stories (if they are good, I always want more) but a short ghost story can work for me.

  5. This would probably make a good read for both my teenagers. They love scary stories, but not too scary!


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