Sunday, October 25, 2009

24 Hour Read-a-Thon - Mini Challenge - Wisdom of Age

 (I'm so sleepy)
Care is hosting a Wisdom of the Age Mini-Challenge .   

Your challenge is to think up and suggest your favorite books that feature an older protagonist! AND / OR  let’s also think up any of your favorite AUTHORS who are still writing incredible books when most people are…   not?

Click here (to check it out)

Some of my favorite books with an older protagonist are:
  1. Every Last Cuckoo; Maloy
  2. Water for Elephants; Waters
  3. Book of Eve; Beresford-Howe
  4. Strangers; Brookner
  5. Author - Saramago


  1. i agree blog hopping helps. oh my your sleepy is making me (yawn) ;-D i enjoyed water for elephants too. good one.

  2. Great! and I just thought of another one but I don't really know how old the author of The Road is -but I think he might be up there in age... Cormac McCarthy? better go look to make sure. THx for playing! Happy Reading!

  3. I'm still awake (not sure how much longer that will last) so thought I'd make another round and cheer for y'all. Go Diane!

  4. I had to rest for a couple of hours, my back has been hurting so much that I felt like I can't sit down. I started 1pm of the finnish time, 2 hours earlier than the official time to start. It is now a couple of minutes past 10am here, so I have 3 more hours to read. After those hours my total reading hours will be 18, which I am really proud of. :)
    Good luck for you to the rest of the challenge!

  5. Hmmm, I know Water for Elephants but not the others. Guess I'll have to go look them up!

    You're doing such a great job, Diane! And thanks for your encouraging comments.

  6. I love Sleepy! He should be the mascot for the Read-A-Thon! That ... or Dopey! That is how I felt after awhile!


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