Sunday, October 25, 2009

24 Hour Read-a-Thon - Hour #24

Hour # 24 and I conked off for nearly two hours. I only managed to read another 34 pages of The Haunting of Hill House, since my update (3) hours ago (and I may have to reread those as I was really really tired. I'm happy a hot cup of tea got my motor going again. Here is what I've accomplished through hour 23.

Time Reading: about 13 hours
Pages Read: 602 plus audio book equivalent to 336 page = 938 pages total
Books Read: 6
Mini-Challenges Completed: 7
Time Blogging and cheering: about 7 hours
Total Comments: 154

  • I've completed (6) books (little books): Gift from the Sea (138 pages) ; Zen and the Art of Happiness (142 pages); Runaway Mummy (30 pages) , Miss Smith and the Haunted Library (30 pages) , and Haunted Island: True Ghost Stories from Martha's Vineyard (141 pages). Listened to and completed Sworn to Silence; Castillio on my IPOD while I did a little cheer leading.
  • Started and stopped: The Haunting of Hill House ( read 111 pages) it's excellent! Will finish on Sunday after getting some sleep.
  • Had 2 cups of coffee and oatmeal, and 4 bottles of water, huge salad with cheese and croutons, apple and lemon yogurt, and yes, finally junk food (A Klondike Bar...yum), and (2) cups of hot tea.
  • Left the house for (90) minutes --hospital run as I mentioned earlier.
  • Spent (25) minutes heating chicken soup and eating it with hubby for lunch, and another (30) minutes fixing a quick dinner for us. 
  • Dozed for about 2 hours.
This was great fun. Thank you all for your support.

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